Can't insert images in template in EmClient 7

I have used a table based template for years but since the upgrade to EmClient 7 I cannot insert images anymore. In EmClient 6 I had to insert a table of 1 row, 1 column and then insert an image in that table. This worked fine for me but now this doesn’t work anymore. I can open mails with images  that were made in EmClient 6 without a problem. Does anubody know a workaround for this.
Btw, i also can’t get text to wrap around an image (in a blank email)

text-wrapping has never been implemented in eM Client.

As for inserting images - why don’t you use the ‘Insert image’ option instead?
Inserting it in the table seems like a needlesly complicated workaround.


thank you for your answer.
I had to insert a table before I could insert an image because my (very pretty) mail template for newsletters is made with tables. With this image-table it was even possible to wrap the text around it. But since I installed EmClient 7 it is no longer possible to insert a table into my mail template, the entire template gets messed up then.
The funny thing is that when I open a newsletter that was made with this template in EmClient 6 then everything works fine and I can edit it like I did in EmC6.
I would really like to have a work around for this because this template is made according to my companies style and I don’t like to change it, especially since I pay for EmClient to use it profesionally.
Best regards, Dimphy.