Can't import from MS OUtlook 2003

Tried to install em client on wife’s pc and import from Outlook 2003. Consistently halts on about record 36 or 37 with the message “An exception occurred”. No other message. Had no problem installing on my pc and importing from Outlook 2003. Ran repair on wife’s pst file. Made no difference.

what sort of import are you trying to do? Import from Outlook, or Import a PST file?
Try both and if nothing will help, export and import your data manually.
The new version (4.0) will contain improved import.

Best regards,

George Wilson
eM Client

Importing from Outlook which, of course, implies that eMClient is importing from the appropriate .pst files.

Ultimately downloaded MailStoreHome which was able to retrieve all of the emails. Then used it to export .eml files which eM Client could import.