Can't import from eM 7.1 to eM 7.2

Installed 7.2 on new PC. Old PC had 7.1. I copied entire eM 7.1 folder to new PC desktop. Chose ‘import’ but only option was to import from eM 6. How do I get 7.1 data into 7.2?

Yeah, you can only import from 6 to 7, not from 7 to 7. 

What should happen after copying the folder over is that M Client will automatically convert the database to 7.2.x. Maybe you did not copy it to the correct location?

What you could try on the old computer is to backup using Menu > File > Backup, then copy the zipped file across to the new computer and use Menu > File > Restore.

If that doesn’t work, download the same 7.1 version that is on the old computer and install it on the new computer. You will find all past versions in the Release History.

What will happen to the current database in 7.2? Will I lose those emails?

Robert, is your account setup as IMAP or POP3?

It’s a POP account.

Yes, you will lose the messages when using POP3. You will need to export them first. 

Go to Menu > File > Export, and select Export to eml files. You will be able to select which folders you want to export, and that will maintain the folder structure when you come to import them again later.

I see. OK, then it looks like I won’t lose anything if I export and import correctly. Great!   :slight_smile:
Thank you.