Can't get Open Office to recognise eM Client

I use Open Office 3.2.0 and I can’t get it to recognise eM Client. When I click on File > Send Document as email I get a message “There is no email program to perform the requested action. Create an association in the default programs control panel”. My operating system is Windows 7 professional. Can you help?

I had also reported the inability of sending a file using the normal right click and Send to Email recipient, that is standard procedure in WIndows.
In my case, (on Windows 7) what happens is that the action opens up the Windows Live Mail client instead of eM Client (that I set as my default email program). I think the underlying cause is the same.

This is a rather severe problem because the inability of “Send to Email recipient” from within a document or from a file eM Client is quite a handicap. My guess is that it shouldn’t be foo difficult to fix and I hope the developers are actually reading these feedbacks.

Hi Gino, I’ve spoken to eM Client support about this, and they tell me that the issue should be fixed in 2.6, due to be released in about 2 weeks

John Wallace

Thank you for your message John. I am happy to hear that the developers are working on the issue.
I think eM Client is really a worthy program and look forward to the next version, hoping that shortcomings are fixed and that some other features are added (e.g. a Notes section, Rules based automatic category application to messages, etc.)
Once it achieves full functionality it will be an innovative and very competitive alternative in the eMail arena.