Can't get notifications to work

I’m doing some testing with version 3.0.10206 with an IMAP account and I simply cannot get any notifications to work. No sound, popup, or tray icon is shown when a new message comes in. I’ve tried all sorts of different notification settings with no luck,

Is there something special I need to configure or is this broken?


Actually - what I didn’t realize until I posted this using my gmail account is that notifications work for my gmail account but NOT for my main IMAP account.

I know that the mail server for my main IMAP account doesn’t support the IDLE command - does that have something to do with it? Do notifications only work on a notification via IDLE?

We display the notification only for messages which are marked as “Recent”, ie. not downloaded by any other client. Some servers are known to misbehave and not report this flag correctly.

Are you accessing the same IMAP account from different client (either desktop or mobile)? Can you provide more information about the server (provider, software version or domain)?

Same problem here, notifications wont work in 3.5 even though they are enabled

My email server is SmarterMail Enterprise 6.9

Ditto. No notifications when mail comes in - I have three accounts from three providers (corporate, earthlink, and gmail) and none of them produce any notices in the tray, sounds, or a pop up, no matter which settings I choose. The only one I really want is the tray icon.