Can't get Google Calendars to work

I can’t get my calendar to work. I have a bunch of events in my calendar on google but on eM Client, it doesn’t show up. I looked at the server and it says :

[ email]/

and the default calendar is:

[my email]/Calendar/

When I go to the url above, it gives me a “Method not allowed” error. Is this right?

Be sure you followed steps introduced in… . If eM Client displayed some error, please paste here the complete text (or screenshot) of it. If it doesn’t, I will give you further instructions.

Thanks! I got it working for my calendar. Is it possible to put another calendar in eM Client for which I only have Read Access to? It keeps saying “Server says Unauthorized”. I am authorized for only read so I’m guessing that’s the problem.

Yes, it is possible, I tested it right now and it worked perfectly.
First you will need administrator of the shared calendar to allow you for access (e.g. read-only) through Google web interface. Then add second calendar according to instructions I gave you above. Authenticate with correct credentials of yours and server won’t say server message you mentioned.

I still can’t get it to work. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the fact that it’s not under “My Calendars” but under “Other Calendars” when I log into This calendar doesn’t actually belong to me but when I log in, I see it under “Other Calendars” and I can view it but can’t create events for it in but eM Client still tells me I’m unauthorized.