Cant get email. error message cant connect to my hotmail account. just started and i havnt changed anything

Cant get email. Message , an attemp to connect to my email adress failed, this could be caused by server unavailability oror incorrect stings. nothing changed by me, its a Hotmail account.

Has your Hotmail account recently been migrated to the new Microsoft mail?

To find out if Microsoft has migrated your account yet - in a Browser, login to your account at When your mailbox has been migrated to the new infrastructure, the top left corner will show Outlook Mail. When your account hasn’t been migrated yet, it will show

If it shows Outlook Mail , you need to set up your account in EM client as an Exchange account. iMAP will still work, but not as well as Exchange (also Calendar and Contacts are not synced with iMAP).  An EM Client  Outlook account (ie using AirSync)will no longer work. 

Note that when you set up an Exchange account, EM Client can take quite a few minutes to obtain the server details.

See this thread

I have tried the above but I keep on getting the message: The server was found but Authentication failed". I am entering my password cortrectly but it seems its n ot acceoting it!!!

No even my Gmail account is doing the same. It is asking my password and it does not accept it when I enter it.

Hello Osama,
do you have 2-factor authentication enabled on your Gmail? If so, you might need to generate an app-specific password for eM Client.


No I don’t. I have read previous comments and I checked to make sure that this is disabled both for Hotmail and Gmail.

Hello Osama,
can you test if you can login into your mail accounts using your web browser?
Also, are you running the latest version of eM Client available? You can download the latest version of eM Client here - - current version is 7.0.27744.0, you can check the full number in Help>About section.

Its fine now. I am getting my emails after upgrading to the latest version. Whenever I was checking through Help[, it was telling me that you have the latest version. Now, through the link you sent me, I was able to upgrade. Now my issue is that I cant send emails. Its giving me SMTP error messages. I have sent all the support on this on a different chat.

Hi Osama,
I’ll continue solving your SMTP issue in the other thread.