Can't find the email in local outbox but getting xml node saying sending email failed


Every few mins eM client displays error message as per link but there’s no email in local outbox to be deleted.

XML node messages :

eM client Version :

Please help.

Hi Umesh,

What mail account does it happen to and is it set as EWS? Also, are you using API to send this email?


Hi Russel,

I have setup only 1 email account & yes it’s EWS.  I’m using eM Client on Windows 7 so not sure if that’s an API. Sorry no idea about API.


Hi Umesh,

This issue relates to the database. Do you have a database backup from the time before the error first occurred?  

Also, send me please the database logs from Menu > Tools > Settings > Advanced > Logging. Turn on the database logging, restart eM Client, wait for the error message and then send the logs to

Thank you.