Can't find archive's folder in the list of local folders

Hi, I need help please… I activated Automatic archiving on my EMCLIENT Version : 7.1.30794.0.
The mails disappeared from, for example, my sent items, but I can’t find them anywhere.
The archive folder doesn’t appear in the list of my local folders even if the database is still in its original location. I have the intuition that the mails are somewhere but I can’t display them because I can’t make the archive folder appear. The parameter Show Local Folders is activated.
Thanks in advance for your support solving this very annoying problem.
Best regards and thanks a lot for your superb email client… No new about a version for android smart phones?
Have a nice day, Luc.

Did you make a selection  in the Account Preferences box under Archiving Scope? My Archive folder did not show up under the Local Folders until I selected an option under the Archiving Scope and performed an Archive operation.

The Archive folder will not appear until the first archiving has been done. But it seems strange though that Luc’s emails were moved from his Sent folder, but the Archive folder is not visible.

Hi Dears, you found my problem, the Archiving Scope had not been chosen… I think it’s not quite clear that something has to be chosen in the list which looks like an information area !  However, I selected now the All email scope and the archiving started and the folder now also appears in my folder list. I’m just afraid that the emails that were displaced without configuring that setting are now definitely lost…  Is it a little bug? Thanks for your assistance and best regards, Luc.

Yes, it is not clear that there is something to choose. I spent a good week trying to get archiving to work until I discovered that Archiving Scope was a drop-down.

Now we are back in the work week, maybe others (like Jay) will have some input as to your missing emails.