can't find an e-mail that I have just sent. Not in my 'sent' box where has it gone ?

Hello Mike,
unfortunately it is hard to tell - do you have the option to save a copy of the sent message to your sent folder enabled?
Did it happen to only one message or does this happen all the time? Are you able to replicate this issue?
Isn’t the message stuck in Outbox, perhaps?


Thanks Olivia

I hadn’t realised that some folders were hidden and the ‘Sent’ folder that I was able to see was empty so I have no idea what it is for.
However when I double clicked on my account a series of other folders were shown and there is another 3rd  'Sent ’ folder with everything in it
A bit confusing but I got there

Thanks for  your help


Hi Mike,
I’m glad the issue has been resolved, you were maybe checking your Local folder Sent folder or something.
Thank you for letting us know.