Can't figure out how to create e-mail aliases

I am trying to set up eM Client. I have gotten it working in all respects that I care about, and have 6 days left on my trial, but one feature is still not working out: creating aliases.

I have several aliases for my business that forward to my inbox. I cannot seem to figure out how to aloow responses form them.

I do not use g-mail, hosmonster hosts my domain. I am using IMAP. When I go to tools -> account, there are no alias options there as I have read in other help topics here.

If I can get this working, you can have my $50. Can you help? 6 days left and then I move on.

simply open Tools - Accounts - select the account you want an Alias add to and look at the tab General - there should be “Aliases” button. Click on it and add your Alias. If you have any further questions feel free to email me directly at [email protected]