Can't figure a rule

I have a rule which detects when an email is from Karen and copies it into a Local Folder called Karen. I don’t wish these emails to appear in the Local Folders Inbox1. The rule detectiing Karen occurs first. I have shown the two rules below:

Can some explain why the emails from Karen appear in both folders Karen and Inbox1 even though I’ve added the stop processing command to the rule appearing first? Thanks

Instead of “Copy to” use “Move to” which moves the email to the folder and REMOVES it from the inbox.

Thanks. I believe that is where I started. Problem is that it removes it from server Inbox. I need to avoid deleting anything from server since multiple devices need to be able to read the same email.In the case outlined, I working with Inbox1 and Karen folders, both of which are in Local Folders

Sounds like you may need server side rules to handle your setup… but I will leave that to others to comment on.

Anyone care to respond?

When you download messages, into what folder are they placed?

They are placed in two Local Folders called Karen and Inbox1

They are “placed” based on a rule? Where does eMC download them to BEFORE rules come into the picture?

They are received into the Inbox of Server1 which happens to be the name of my first gmail account. Basically everything get copied into Local Folders so that I can delete whichever emails I want without affecting emails on the server.

Once again I will disengage and hopefully someone else can help you.

Thanks for your help

Anyone care to jump in? Problem is not resolved.