Can't edit drafts saved in other folders

Coming from Outlook Express, I often use a draft email to store notes under different email folders. OE allowed me to edit draft emails regardless of their location, but eM Client makes me move it to the drafts folder, edit it, then move it back.

Is there a way to edit a draft email when it’s not in the drafts folder? eM Client seems to know it is a draft because when I move it back to the drafts folder it is again editable, whereas a non-draft email isn’t editable even when it is under the drafts folder.

If eM client allowed me to do this I think it would surpass OE.



This is how it is design, however we are thinking about making feature that would mark email as draft and make it editable even in other folders.

But I do not promise this as this is something that drafts were not designed for.
Also I will keep this topic open and change it into Idea so people would be able to +1 for this.