Can't edit draft mails

Have been using eM Client for several years now. Always saved drafts into the drafts folder and then edited them later to be sent. They could stay there forever and I could always edit. All of a sudden I cannot do this. My saved drafts just appear in the drafts folder but look like sent mails - no cursor and no access to edit. Have tried re typing them and re saving them into the drafts folder. Same result. I am not doing anything different than in the past. It just seems to have changed on its own. Is this as a result of an update? How do I get my drafts folder to act like it did before?

Who is the email provider Joe?

Gary - Sorry for the late response. My provider is eM Client. That is where I create and edit all my emails and have been for several years now. I am now doing a work around by forwarding the draft to myself, then editing. This works but is a bit of a nuisance. As soon as I save to draft again then I have to repeat the forward process to edit again. As I said it just seems to have changed all of a sudden as before it did I had years old draft mails I could just open and edit without problem. Thanks for any solutions you can offer.