Can't download messages anymore POP3

Getting error message after the most recent update,. Does EMClient no longer supporting POP3? I’m on crappy Windows 8!

It should work without any problems. If the problem persists, send us your POP3 logs please.

I did uninstall and re-install the program. Sorry to be such a noob but how do I get the POP3 logs. Not a total moron, just a regular one.

Looked around a bit and found this posted by a Mr. White, “Who is your ISP and is it POP3 or IMAP etc?
Did you use a previous version of the client?
If you look in the bottom left of the client, there is a lower case ‘i’. Double click on this. Look at ‘errors’ and ‘log’. Any help?”

I’ll try when I get home.

Thanks Mr. Wilson

Charles Abbott