can't download message - error "can't retrieve POP3 messages" but no reason is given

I am unable to download emails. I can send from the client with no issues. I am running the current version 3.0.9716.0. This issue started happening with the current client. The message is “can’t retrieve POP3 message with reason” and there is no reason stated.

Who is your ISP and is it POP3 or IMAP etc?
Did you use a previous version of the client?
If you look in the bottom left of the client, there is a lower case ‘i’. Double click on this. Look at ‘errors’ and ‘log’. Any help?

Comcast - I’ve been using your client for years. It’s POP3 (hence the error message - can’t retrieve POP3 messages". The errors and logs are no help. The error message is

Can’t retrieve POP3 message with reason “”

Nothing in the quotes. The log indicates that it is connecting just fine to my ISP.

Not my client mate - I’m not an employee.

If you switch back to old client, does it work again?

Has it only happened since switching to the latest client? I’m using 3.0.9880.0- which I got from a link on this (forum)website somewhere. Doesn’t seem to be the official download though.

I have the same problem and it is happening more and more often - soon I’ll have to stop using em client because every time this happens I have to go clear out my pop email box using the web client - very time consuming and I end up losing emails while trying to delete the problem one.

From your log:
There is a MailExceptions.OperationException being thrown from MailClient.Pop3.Pop3ReceiveCommand.Execute()
next in the call stack presumably: MailClien.Commands.Command.Process()

I like this client because of the fast search and the S/Mime support - but if I can’t even do every day functions I have to go on yet another search for a new email client.

Send me the full POP3 log directly at - thank you.