Can't dismiss event reminders

When an event reminder pops up, I can’t snooze or dismiss – it just pops right back up. I have to delete the event for the reminder to go away. I’m using version 4.0.15145.0. I have all events saved in my Gmail calendar. Any help would be appreciated.

Please install our internal version which should fix the issue:…

No change. Reminders still won’t go away. It doesn’t happen with events that I create myself – only with meeting invitations from others. When I look in my calendar, the ones I created are in blue, and the others (the ones with reminders that don’t go away) are in white.

I have the same issue. This product is far better than the and Windows Live email clients. If this issue could be fixed it would be a great product for me.

In that case please wait until the version 5.0 is released. We made some changes and it should finally fix the issue.
You can expect the beta version soon.

Is there a way to revert back to a previous version? I think this all started when I installed the last update to 4.0.15145.0

Unfortunately it is impossible to go back and use a previous version because of possible conflicts in database. Beta version 5 will be released soon.

Thank you. I will wait. Will there be any notice here that the beta version is available. I’d be happy to try it.

We will post it here on the forum.

Version 5 still has the same issue with reminders. You still can’t dismiss them.

please enable GData logging (Tools - Settings - Advanced) and try to dismiss the reminder few times. Afterwards, send us the log (with reference to this topic and with name of the problematic event) using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

I’ve sent the requested event log to emclient, referencing this thread.

Yes I have this problem also even after installing the 5 beta 16754

Then send us your new GData logs. Thank you.

I’m having the same problem.

I am also having the same problem

version 5 contains fix only for newly accepted/created events. For all existing problematic events try following:
Login to your calendar in a browser and disable reminder manually.
Hope it helps.

It looks like R5 has fixed the problem.

Agreed. Old events need to be deleted, or have the reminders disabled via a web interface, like George said, but I can now disable all new event reminders.

I’ve been using version 5 since the beginning, and I’ve occasionally had the problem where a reminder will keep popping up immediately after being dismissed.