Can't dismiss event reminders ( It seems it is a common problem). Other problems as well.

I have a small company and wanted to purchase the software since it was recommended to me by a friend. However, it is good that I tried the software first before buying it.
Here is my concern…

At the beginning everything worked well (just one day). I use yahoo mail and the calendar was synchronized (no problem with this). The problems began when the calendar reminders started to pop-up. I cannot dismiss the reminders (dismiss, snooze nothing works). The message appears every 5-10sec (extremely annoying).
Today, another window started to pop-up saying “password required” “Server says unauthorized”
I really liked the software but it is not for serious users. To many problems for something that is supposed to be smooth…
It seems it is a common problem since a lot of people have already reported some of these issues before. I am surprised that they are not fixed yet.

It is the last version of eM Client that I have installed on my computer. I have used some other email clients for personal use and never had any problems.


Hi, what provider for calendar synchronizing and eM Client version do you use?