Can't delete italicized folders

I can hide it, but not delete an italicized folder. Any way to convert it to regular text? I did repair function. No change.

No, if the folder is in italics it means you cannot change it. It could be like that because there is an error syncing it with the server, or for some reason the server has locked it. It could also be like that because of some database corruption in eM Client.

You can try deleting it on the server using the web interface for that provider if you can see it there, or you can remove the email account from eM Client and then add it again.

Removing the account is scary. If I do that, will all mail & folders be restored when I add the account back. More explanation is appreciated.

To remove and re-add the account, backup first using Menu > Backup if you are at all concerned about your data. But with IMAP and Exchange accounts the data is stored on the server, not in eM Client, so it will not make any difference.

Once you have added the account again, the data from the server will be resynced with eM Client.