can't delete icloud emails from sent folder

Recently for some reason iCloud sent emails were not showing up in Sent folder even though it was checked in settings and the emails were being sent to the recipients. I then found a post that said to load version 6.020698.0 which I did. This cleared up the problem of not seeing Sent emails but now I can’t delete or move these sent emails from the Sent folder. It is only happening on my iCloud account. They show up on the WEB iCloud and I can’t delete them from there either. But they do not show up in my iPhone mail which runs on Apple’s Mail app.

Hi Jack, unfortunately if you can not delete the emails on the server either, this won’t probably be an issue of the application. You can try to download this version of eM client if that improves anything, but please note that any issues with the application should not be reflected in the webmail unless it’s regarding synchronization etc.

If you’re having issues deleting the email from the webmail, I suggest contacting iCloud support in order to resolve this issue.

Thank you for understanding,