Cant create sync account

Hi - I am trying to set up a sync account but there is no ‘submit’ button once I enter all my details etc…

this happens because we decided no longer support sync2em service due to lack of interest from the customers.

Dear George,

If you discontinue to support a product, please remove all related pages, videos and links from the internet, otherwise you confuse your clients.

I spent an hour to get acquainted with sinc2em concept, watched the relevant videos on Vimeo, submitted my personal information, received the verification e-mail and realized only after that that this function is no longer supported.


Can you please send me a link on the page where you did find it?

Feature list on your site:

Registration page on your site:…

(there is no submit button, but if you hit Enter, the system accepts the registration)

Video overview on Vimeo: (in German) (in English)

It should be OK now. Thank you for pointing this out.

So, how do I sync my contacts/appointments/tasks with my Windows Phone?

Yes, I would also love to be able to sync my contact/appointment/tasks with my phone!

Mail too, but it’s not as important as the others.

We recommend you to use any other cloud service (e.g. Gmail)

I assume using Hotmail will also be okay? I’m not using Google services.

How can I synchronize my contacts/appointments/tasks with my hotmail account?