Can't create new email or reply

When I press the new mail button or the reply to email button, a new window is generated like normal. however the window never comes to the screen. When I hover over the eM Client icon at the bottom, it shows the new window but only the title and a blank screen. If I press Alt tab to toggle through to the new window, I can select it but nothing shows up. I have attempted to cascade screens to see if it is just off the viewable screen and that doesn’t help. It appears to be freezing before it is fully loaded.

Version. 8.1979

UPDATE: Appears to be a bug or glitch in the program… I am running eMclient on laptop that is plugged in to dock in office with second screen. After connecting back to dock, reply and new windows opened. While away from the office all weekend long, could not reply or generate new mail. Rebooted pc multiple times while trying.