Cant copy Text from em client to MS Word

Hi. I cannot copy text from em client to MS Word on this computer. Can you please help. There are no definitive answers below

I’m a eM-user since months. I do not use MS Word but I can copy text from eM client to any other program (Ctrl-C Ctrl-V).

try to select a text in eM Client, right click on it and choose “Copy”. Then paste it to a notepad and let me know if it works.

Thanks George. Yes pasting to notepad works

Thanks Hans. This does not work for me

I am us[ng Ws Office XP on Windows 7 64bit

What is this Office XP that you are using on Win 7
I am really interested as 2003 does not work on Vista

Microsoft Office XP Professional. Not ideal with Windows 7. There may be a compatibility pack available from Microsoft for Vista. Check the web.

Me too is on Win 7/64 bit and is using WinWord 2003. Copy and past is working fine.

Hans MS Office XP has MS Word 2002 .

I bought eMclient because I could not use 2003 office & Outlook with Vista, nor would I pay MS for 2007 Office pack.

George this works but can now copy text from some emails to word as well. I think it is a MS Word problem. I need to be able to use word. Do you have any more ideas. I would prefer to stay with em Client is possible.

Are you able to copy something from Notepad to Word?

I have now discovered that if I open Word before I open the program from which I want to copy text, I can copy it to word. It is not an emClient problem. I don’t now how to solve it.