cant copy and paste into excel using mac

Hi there.

Just started using eM Client on my mac for two of my e-mail accounts.  So far it’s great and very user friendly.  However I’ve just discovered an issue with copying text from an e-mail in eM Client and trying to paste it into an excel document.  I am running os High Sierra 10.13.6.

I’d appreciate help to resolve this quickly so I can continue using eM as my default mail handler.

Thank you.


I have no difficulty whatsoever with pasting text from eM Client into Excel.
But it will depend on how you want your text to fit into an Excel sheet. Excel interprets line breaks, Tab stops,  paragraphs, etc. in a certain way, mostly as line- or column breaks. So the result may not be what you had expected.
But this is more a question for an Excel forum than for the eM Client forum.

I just see, that you are on a Mac. I was referring to Windows. So, what do I know.

Thanks pefunk.

Yeah, I’m on a mac and well versed in Excel as for copy/paste rules.  However it’s odd that I can not copy and paste any text whatsover from the body of an e-mail in eM client to any other software (Microsoft Office, Notebook, etc).  I can copy and paste within other e-mails in eM client, just not outside that software.

I suspect there is a setting somewhere, but I have yet to find this.

Anyone else have this issue?


Well, unfortunately eM client is now failing to sync my e-mail.  So given the copy and paste issue and now not syncing, this is not the software for me.

Moving all of this to my trash bin.