Can't connect to

Computer: HP desktop
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
eMClient Version: 6.0.23181.0

I’m working with a company that uses Gmail products, and I have my own company. When I first got EmClient, everything worked perfectly. However, after my computer didn’t want to accept the Windows 10 upgrade and promptly crashed (I had to do a reload of Windows 7 and all my programs and backed up files), eM Client hasn’t wanted to work the same.

The SMTP settings are fine. IMAP, though, is a different story–I cannot sync folders or download any email. When I try, I always get the same message:

TWRP: Connecting to TWRP failed
[IMAP] An attempt to connect to TWRP failed. This could be caused by
temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Do you want to
check the settings?

This happens whether I use the automatic Gmail setup or I manually create the mail account. Here is the log of my latest attempt:

1:34:23 PM TWRP [IMAP]  Synchronizing messages: For folder TWRP/Inbox
1:34:33 PM TWRP [IMAP]  MailExceptions.ConnectionException: Failed opening connection to server.
1:34:33 PM ()
1:34:33 PM    at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPoolEntry.Reconnect()
1:34:33 PM    at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPoolEntry.Connect()
1:34:33 PM    at MailClient.Imap.ConnectionPool.AcquireConnection(Folder mailFolder, Boolean idle, Boolean forStore)
1:34:33 PM    at MailClient.Imap.Synchronizer.SynchronizeMessagesCommand.ExecuteInternal(WorkerStatus status)
1:34:33 PM    at MailClient.Imap.Synchronizer.ImapCommand.Execute(WorkerStatus status)
1:34:33 PM    at MailClient.Commands.Command.Process(WorkerStatus status)

Hello, are you using any security software on your computer that may have disabled the application ability to connect to the server? Try to temporarily disable security software on your computer and check if the issue persists, I’m afraid the connection may be blocked.