Can't connect to Exchange

We have a secondary backup server which accepts all emails in the event of downtime. This server is linked to our same domain, but with a lower priority than our main server.
eM Client continually tries to log into this server even though it doesn’t accept logins. Because it finds an IMAP the timout that asks for manually entering exchange settings never shows.
If I tell it to connect to my exchange, it should connect to my exchange not go snooping around for an IMAP. The ability to manually set the settings would be great.

at this moment there should be a workaround for this issue, when you receive the popup there should be an option to not send the password to that server and than it acts like the server’s not there.
However we’ll be looking into this further and hopefully improving it for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

eM Client doesnt even try to find the server anymore. It just immediately says authentication failed against the IMAP…

Hi, how are you setting up the account?
If you’re using the automatic setup can you switch to the mail tab and set it through the exchange option provided there? You should be able to find the option I’ve mentioned.

Thank you,

That’s the option I have always selected.

Can you tell me what version of eM Client are you currently using and can you make a screenshot of the error when it occurs again (if it’s now still occurring)?

Thank you,