Can't clear recurring event on calendar.

Dear Support,

By mistake, I scheduled a recurring event to happen every 2 weeks. The appointments were scheduled fine, but I made an error and need to clear these appointments completely and start again from scratch. I have tried several things without results - the original appointment along with the recurring ones remain. I just want to delete all of these appointments I created and start again. Please help. Thank you!

simply select one occurrence of the event and press “Delete” key. You will be asked whether you want to delete only the occurrence or the whole series. Choose “whole series” and the original appointment with all its recurrences should be deleted.

Hi George,

You are the best! Your instructions worked like a charm … and SO easy! Take care and thank you!

I am having this same issue but when I choose “delete”, it does not give me the option to delete the occurance or the whole series. Please note that these events were originally created in microsoft exchange which I no longer have. 

actually it was created in outlook, which I no longer have. 

Hi Karen,
can you delete the event through Agenda view?