Can't Change Meeting Time

Seems to be no way to change a meeting time. Would be great. 


Hi, if you double click the event the details of the event are not editable? What about drag and dropping the event onto a different time? Does that work?
What mail service (calendar service) are you using? What version of eM Client are you currently using?

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I’m talking about eM Client. Have you heard of It?

I said “Meetings” not “Events”.

Hi again Johny,
I believe it would be best for both sides, if you ease on the aggressive behavior on this forum.
If you’re having issues with the application, please answer my questions, I’m trying to determine what exactly is wrong and if there’s an available solution that might help.

Being rude to the support team won’t resolve anything.

Meetings and Events are essentially the same thing. I asked you what mail service are you using (e.g. GMail, Yahoo, Private hosted domain, etc.), can you please answer this question as there’s a wide selection of mail service and the issue you’re having can only be with one of them.

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Hi Johny,

How can you add a ‘meeting’ to eM Client?

If I press on the [new] speed button in the toolbar, I only have the following options:

  * mail
  * event
  * contact
  * distribution list
  * task

I’m using ‘events’ to set up my meetings. I also call ‘events’ sometimes ‘appointments’.

I can change the time of events/meetings/appointments in various ways:

  * using drag in the calendar view (to change begin or end time)

  * using drag and drop in the calendar view (to change begin and/or end time and/or date)

  * by opening the event/meeting/appointment and changing the time in ‘start’ and/or ‘end’ edit fields.

What happens with your meetings: are you not able to change the start/end time, or are you able to change the start/end time, but it won’t be saved?

Ah, I see now where you can add a ‘meeting’ to eM Client: it’s one of the buttons on the toolbar when you’ve opened an e-mail in a separate window.

screen shot:

I think the text ‘Meeting’ should have been ‘Event’, or ‘Create event’, analogous to the other ‘events’ in eM Client.

I believe it would be best for both sides if you learn to use eM client before attempting to provide technical support. 

This is a MEETING in eM client. Time and date cannot be edited. 

Thx, Hans. That’s equivalent to “Create meeting from message” on the Actions menu. 

Hi Hans, Hi Johny, I believe this is no mistake, Meetings have invitees, Events don’t, if you click on this button, the sender of the email will be automatically added to the invitees of that event.

Are you suggesting we should add another button without inviting the sender?

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Yes until the meeting is confirmed or declined by the other side (the invitee), you can not edit the event. You can however change the time by drag and droping the event in the calendar view.

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Hi Paul,

But if I add a new event (via [new] button in toolbar), I can also add ‘attendees’ / ‘invitees’, namely on the tab page called ‘scheduling’.

Yes, that will make a meeting from the newly created event.
The thing is that the meeting button automatically makes a meeting from the mail message, you can subtract the invitee, but by default it will be a meeting.

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