can't change calendar font

The calendar font doesn’t change in the appearance dialog. How do I do that?

What version do you use? Can you please send a screenshot or video of your situation? It should work without problems.

I have this same problem. Under Tools–>Settings–>Appearance–>Calendar Tab, whatever I change the font size to, nothing happens. I’m using version 4.0.15145.0 on Windows XP.

This option changes font size in the Agenda view only.

So, is it not possible to change the font size or turn on word wrap in the calendar month view? Many entries are cut off.

No it is not possible - I am sorry but I cannot provide you any solution at the moment.

The calendar font is waaaaay too small for my aging eyes.I’m using 5.0.18661.0

How can I change that font. And please don’t tell me it’s not possible.


unfortunately calendar font is not possible to change, but you can use Windows’s DPI settings and set them to higher value.

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Your reply changes this program from pretty good to pretty lame. in this day and age, font changing is a given with good software.even if you don’t permit actual selection of the font and the size, you should at least allow people to choose between small medium large and huge. Even smart phones can do that.

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I am sorry but this can be done using by windows DPI settings, same way like on iOS or Android OS (you have mentioned smartphones so I checked mine - both with actual versions).

In outlook I was too unable to change calendar font. This is simply non standard function and can be done using way I have described before.

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If you really want to be “the Outlook Killer”, then you should not use them as a standard to emulate. You should exceed what Outlook does. Just because Outlook does not have re-sizable fonts in the calendar does not mean you should follow them. You should make the fonts re-sizable so that you can be better than Outlook.

As for changing the DPI, that would change everything on the computer, not just the calendar fonts, so that is not a good option.

well then I don’t understand, fonts in calendar are same as in rest of eM Client so it should be same thing to read anywhere.

But we really do not plan to implement this. We have much more important and requested things to do such as repairing issues or adding features that will satisfy majority of our users.

I hope you understand this.

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