Can't CC myself automatically...

When I try to use a rule to copy myself on outgoing email, the system will continue sending that email both to myself and the recipient indefinitely. Is there any way to copy myself on outgoing mail and have it only send me the copy once?

the only way how to do this is to create a rule. Truth is that the mails was sending in a loop but it should be fixed now - what version of eM Client are you using?

Hi! I’m on 5.0.17595.0. I think I may have figured out a work-around - again using rules. Instead of sending a CC of every email to myself, I tried putting a copy of every outgoing email into my inbox. It seems to work fairly well, although it sometimes does odd things when doing a reply to all from them.

Also, I’m not sure where you are located, but I seriously hope that it isn’t in the US - I got your reply just shy of 5:00 AM on a Sunday :slight_smile:

Create the rule as follows: After the message is sent - processed with account (add your account) - forward the message to (add your email address you want to send cc to) - except the message is sent to me. Now it should work without any problems.

And FYI, I am currently in London :wink:

Thank you - that seems to work!

And, thank you for the quick responses!!! Much appreciated!

Always wanted to see London. My family is full of Dr. Who, Sherlock and Torchwood fans. BBC America is about the only channel we watch here :slight_smile: One day…