Can't archive from Tag View

When I have an inbox selected and I open a message in a new window, there is a toolbar at the top of the window and there is an Archive icon I can click to archive the message and go on to the next message.

I go to the tag view, select a tag to get a list of emails with that tag. I open one of the emails in a new window. The same toobar is at the top, but the Archive icon is not there.

If you right click on the tool bar and click customize a dialog window opens up. “Archive” is listed as one of the tools to show. But it does not show on the toolbar.

It depends on the server. If the server has server-side archiving, only then will the Archive button will be displayed.

And if the message is already in the archive, it won’t have the button.

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Interesting. When I open the same email from the inbox folder, the archive button is there.

Maybe the message is duplicated elsewhere. Open the unarchivable message in the Tag folder and right-click in the text body. Choose Properties. That will show you the location of the message.

When I look at the properties it only shows the message as being in the inbox folder of the imap account. Which is what I expect. If I open the same message from the Inbox folder, the archive icon appears on the toolbar.

For the record, every message behaves this way. This is definitely a bug.