Can't active Free licence.

When I start eM Client, it appeares windows ‘DEMO expires’ and than application does not response, eM Cl windows is shaded, process takes about  40% processor and nothing happens. Some other way how to fix it and activate Free LIcence?

First you need to register for a Free License if you have not already done so. You can do that at If you already registered a Free License, but have lost or not received the activation key, you can get a duplicate at

Once you have the activation key, open eM Client and go to Menu > Help > License. Click Activate and enter your Free License key.   

Dear friend I know all you wrote here, but as I described I can not go to Menu… because application froze after start at window ‘Demo expires’!
It never hapes before at testing period. So what to do now?!

Now I tried to change one small thing - when window ‘DEMO expires’ appears I ew seconds until count down ends, before I doesn’t wait for count down and click on button… Now I was abble to close ‘DEMOexpires’ window and than activate licence. May be here is somesmall bug in application with windows ‘DEMO expires’…

I tried this a couple of times on a test machine, and I was not able to get the application to freeze.

As soon as I clicked on OK or the X, I was returned to the main application. I never had a count down.

Anyway, if it is a bug, I am just happy that you managed to get around it and activate the license. :slight_smile: