Can't access Gmail

Gmail won’t accept eMail Client’s security code.  In order to access Gmail, I must use their 2 step authorization code system which is a 16 digit number.  This isn’t a problem when only using eMail Client but it upsets the Apple Cart so to speak.  I then cannot access Gmail using my IPhone or IPad without changing those Passwords.

This is a major pain in the you know where.  Why can’t eMail Client change their authentication process to allow using the largest Email Provider in the country???

I think this is somewhat weird since one of the ways to sign in to eMail is using my Google/Gmail account name/PW!!!

Hi Fred, this is unfortunately a gmail’s setting issue. Gmail enabled the new OAuth authentication method, but unfortunately none of the email clients on the market are currently supporting this authentication method, we’re currently working on improving this for future releases,but please understand this takes time, as it is a security feature.

You should be able to access this setting while logged in to your Google account, , and set the option to “Enable”, this should allow you to use your regular password to log in in eM Client and other email applications as well.

Hope this helps,