Can't Access Baikal Server using CardDAV

I’m trying to get em client 6 to access my Baikal CardDAV server. It replies with error forbidden no matter what I try to use as the URL.

Has anyone else used em client to access contacts on a Baikal server and offer some advice?


I haven’t received any replies to my issue. But for other people’s reference I will answer of own question.

Based on my own experience I would have to say that it appears to be that using a server that is setup to share SSL connections between website (SNI) is/was the issue. Using a non-standard SSL port solved the problem without making any other changes.

Too bad em client doesn’t seem to be SNI complient. But I’m currently a free user so I don’t think I have access to tech support to even confirm this.

I’m glad the setting works for you now. We’ve come across some issues with Baikal server in recent past on which we’re currently working.
Although it was a different issue, we’re trying to find a way to properly work with eM Client.

If you experience any more issues, let us know,