Cannot view the received "subject date" right up to yesterday in any folder when in "layout on right"

Hi All,
EM Client doesn’t show the received date in the mail subject up to yesterday when in “layout on right”, and only shows the subject dates (a week go & prior to that). in this view.

However if i change the mail layout to “messages on bottom” it (shows the date) ok in the mail subject “right up to yesterday” which is great.

Is there a way to get the Subject to show the date up to yesterday when in “Layout on right” ?

I have a Gmail and another ISP IMAP account and this happens in any folder in either of the accounts. Even if i click “All Inboxes” i only see Subject Dates from a week ago & prior.


In beta 8.0.1287 the date is displayed in the message preview pane for all messages except for today, regardless of whether the layout is below or on the right. I believe that omission of the date for today’s messages is by design.

The issue is that in Layout (messages on right) it doesn’t actually show the date up to yesterday in the subject. It only shows on subjects (a week or more ago) unless I change the layout view back to messages on the bottom. I have also tried the latest V8 Beta as well and same issue. Even removing all accounts & readding the accounts back in still same problem. So I can only presume it’s a bug in layout on right.

Gary here is a screenshot below of V8 Beta 8.0.1268 i have with layout messages on right and it only shows the subject dates up to the 7th April.

Note:- I see now you have a later V8 Beta 8.0.1287 in your reply above. I wonder if that might fix the problem. I will d/l that same ver Beta you have as didn’t know i had an older ver and will try that.

Gary I have tested V8 Beta 8.0.1287 and still same problem so will submit this as a bug to testing.

See screenshot below where i see the subject dates in layout on bottom right up to yesterday in the same Gmail inbox, but don’t see the dates up to yesterday in screenshot above when layout on right.

My build 1287 shows:

  • Time only for today
  • Day (e.g., Mon) and time for the past week and
  • Date only for prior
    Don’t remember if this is consistent with V7, but I find it confusing and always use the “show full date” option

OK, you are not referring to the message preview pane, but the message list. Preview pane was implied by “messages on the right”.

They are also different views in your screenshots. With messages on the right, you are viewing the compact layout. With messages below you are viewing the single-line layout. They are different views and by design have different ways of showing the date.

I’m referring to the date “in the subject” column in (layout messages on right) view.

The date (in the subject) should show the same whether in layout messages below or layout messages on the right (even if it’s compact view) as you say.

If the date can show in every subject in compact view currently up to (a week a go and prior to that), then there is no reason the dates shouldn’t be showing in the same compact view right up to yesterday.

I still believe this is a bug and EM Client Devs wouldn’t have designed it this way not to show the dates in the subject right up to yesterday in compact view.

Ps For peeps who prefer layout messages on right as I and alot of other peeps I know do, it’s annoying only seeing dates a week ago and prior in this view as you can get so many emails in a week & need to know what date they are from. Just showing Mon, Tues, & Time as Jay says is not good enough. Needs dates.

Hopefully it can be fixed / updated soon.

I believe what you are referring to is in the message list (2), and not the message pane (1). What you are describing is not a bug, but rather by design. The compact view attempts to simplify the display (hence compact), so does not display the date for the current day making it a more simple view. You can however enable that in settings. Then for the current week, except for today, the day is displayed and not the date. Prior to the current week, the date is displayed. This makes for a more efficient use of space in the compact view.

The single-line layout is something else entirely. It is not optimized for display, so the date is shown for all days.

Showing the date in the current day (is not the issue) in either view.

The problem is that the dates are not showing on the right in the subject column when in “Layout messages on right” view and (its not more efficient use of space not to show them).

I understand that “its not needed” to show the date in the current day in either view, but both views should show the date right up to the day before the same.

That’s why i’ve reported it as a bug, as i don’t believe that EM Client devs would have designed the messages on the right view to not show the dates right up to the day before the current day.

Example - (Messages on Right) view where you will see the dates in the subject column “are not” shown after the 7th of April and should be showing.

Again, this is by design. It is NOT a bug.

The design is as follows for the compact view:

  1. Only time is shown for the current day.
    2. Only day and time is shown for the past week.
    3. Prior to that, only day and date is shown.

Who says that’s the design ? I don’t believe it is the design & appears as a bug to me. In a business environment, that would not be suitable then in its current layout view on right.

Are you an EM Client Dev eloper ? or have you worked for the company ? to know that its not a bug and is the design.

I have asked an eM Client employee to comment further about this being the intended design of the compact view. Paul gave a comment many years about this being the intent, but I cannot find the comment now. You are welcome to search for it.

I have also seen it so for many years in version 6, all the way through version 7, and now also in version 8.

Ok thanks Gary.

I will be interested to hear what EM Client say about this.

Hello all,

I just discussed this matter with our UI developer and I can confirm that this default view is intended. As Jay described, eM Client with compact layout and “messages on the right view” shows:

Time for today’s messaged
Time and week-day (Mon, Tue, …) for up to 1-week old messages
Date and week-day for older messages

If you wish to display the full date, you can, of course, change the settings in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read where you can mark the option “show full fate”.

I hope that this addressed and answered your question.

Thanks Russel,
Yes that sorts that out.

It was my misinterpreting of the word “Full Date” when Jay posted that earlier. All i thought that would happen (if i enabled full date) was that instead of eg 07/04 I would just see 07/04/2020 up to the same day. 

However i see now by enabling the “Full Date” it not only shows the Full Date, but also enables the dates “right up to the the current day” which is even better than id hoped.

Cheers :slight_smile: