Cannot update version 6.x to latest version of 7.x

We have pro licenses for four users - as confirmed on the license information on our client software. One of my users is still on version 6 so it has not been updating automatically. I went to the update page on the website, entered the license key, but the response was we do not have the have the Pro version and cannot upgrade. We have been having problems with our version 6.x that I think upgrading to the latest version of 7 would fix but I am stuck. What do I do next?

There are 2 type of pro licenses for eM Client.  One is for the current major release (e.g., 6.X, 7.X), and the other a lifetime license.  If you have the first type of license, you must acquire a new license for the upgrade.  The lifetime covers all future versions.

Go to menu/help/license and it will tell you the type of license:

Hi Jay - so we must have the non-upgradable version of the pro license. So how do I acquire a new license with lifetime upgrades for the version I have now? Do I purchase a new copy of the software? And if I do that, will the new version sync all of the data in our current version? Our HR director relies heavily on your product so I need to get her seamlessly updated to the new, lifetime license version.


Hi Sue-- Just so you know, I am a user and not associated with eM Client.  You can go here to upgrade individual licenses:  You might contact [email protected] and maybe they can offer you a discount from multiple license upgrades.

Hi Jay - 

Thanks so much for your help. The problem is the upgrade link rejects the activation codes I have. I will try the info email.