Cannot Sync tasks with

I am having trouble getting the eM client to sync with tasks on my account. The product description leads me to believe that this can be done. Are there special tricks?. Could you please point me to some documentation that explains how this can be done.

To further explain, when I create the account in EM there is no reference to it in the Tasks pane. Only a Local Folder with a Tasks sub folder

using em client 6.0.19714.0

thanks you

Hi, you should have “Tasks” button on leftside panel, if not then right click on for example mail and check Tasks.

Then try to create one and synchronize with server if you will see any error messages.


I’m not getting tasks from my account either? (I’m only getting mail, calender, and contacts)

I am getting tasks in my Google account.

Does the account need to be setup in em Client in a particular way in order for it to support tasks?