Cannot start eM client

Yesterday I installed new updates for windows (I’m not sure if it’s related) and today I’m not able to start eM client at all. No error is thrown, nothing is happenned. Same situation after reinstalation. Am I able to find some log, where I could find what’s the problem?

Martin Tomecek


Can you try going into C:\Users\ current user \AppData\Roaming and rename “eM Client” folder to “eM Client backup” or something like that and then run eM Client again?

best regards

Thanks for tip, but still the same situation.
Maybe this can help: cursor is changed to progress one for very short time (less than half a sec) which is quite unusual in windows.


then can I ask you for a file created by this .exe file… ?

star eM Client and when nothing is happening or it freezes run this file and then send me created file to together with this topic’s URL as subject.
It it better to run this emstackdump later than sooner so there will be more information :slight_smile: