Cannot setup meta shortcuts that do not use a modifier

Trying to assign a shortcut to ‘backspace’ or ‘del’ does not seem to work.

For example, I want to change Archive to ‘Backspace’. Similarly, if I change the ‘Delete’ shortcut to ‘Ctrl+Alt+D’, I then cannot change it back to ‘Del’.

Am I missing something here? Thanks!

Some keystrokes will not be available to use, so that might be the situation with those special keys. But using backspace or delete for archive is just plain crazy. What happens when you are composing a message reply and you use backspace to edit your text? Would that archive the conversation, or just delete the character?

To reset a shortcut, highlight it and click on the Reset to default button.

Hah yeah I don’t disagree there, however I’m referring to the client shortcuts not mail editing shortcuts.

In the shortcuts, ‘Del’ is already defined for delete. I want to use ‘Backspace’ for archive like Outlook has.

As an example with the ‘Del’ binding, after I change it, I cannot change it back =/

Not fixed in 8.1, still a bug that persists :frowning:

Not a bug. The way keys are defined is intended behavior.

Did some more testing and you’re right; turns out it’s poor UI design, not actually a bug; if I click on the shortcut in the list view and hit backspace, it binds. If I click in the shortcuts definition box below, it does not bind.

At least we have list indentation options now. It’s actually becoming a functional / useable mail client, so we might start rolling it out commercial at some point too!

I changed this thread to a feature request. Maybe it will get some attention. :wink:

All G. Cheers mate :slight_smile:

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