Cannot set up CardDAV and CalDAV ( client)

Hi, despite the instructions on their help page (more detailed in German) I cannot seem to install posteo calender and addressbook. Mail works fine, it’s just that the other two functions dont work. I did most of the commen troubleshootings: reboot, follow the instructions again (and again and again…), cross-check with other sources. Interestingly, the setup of calenders does not currently work in Thunderbird either. So maybe it is a problem. I asked customer service already, but they take their time…

Anyone in a similar situation? I am a bit confused, since it always worked so smoothly on Mac and now open-source programs fail in using open-source technology?

Your remark about Thunderbird sounds like compelling evidence to me that there is a problem on the server, or maybe something wrong with Posteo’s instructions. CardDAV and CalDAV work extremely well in eM Client (which by the way is not open-source).
Do you still have your Mac where you could look up your settings and check whether they still work there?

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You might find that the uri’s are different for each platform and even each application like with my provider

eM Client:

It is probably worth speaking with about a solution.


Interesting, I did not know.

I don’t think that is true with all providers, but it seems to be a trend.

Thanks everybody for reacting. @eisbaer: yes, I do have my MacBook lying around somewhere, but I remember that the entire setting up process worked somewhat differently anyway (only had to provide ports and password, not urls, I think) @Gary: I am certain that the URLs do not differ across platforms with posteo.

but anyways, I guess I’ll wait for an answer from

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