Cannot set eMClient as Default

I did not select eMClient as Default when I downloaded to Windows 10. Now when I try to set it as Default (Menu>Tools>Settings>General) I get a message that tells me the default must be set in Windows.  I have tried “Control Panel”.  I have tried “Default Apps”.  I have tried “Set Default by App”.  I have tried re-booting.  Help!  please be specific.  I am new to Windows 10 and to eM Client.  Thank you.

Let me add to my above post.  Windows shows my Default as eM Client.  However, in eM Client it says it is not the Default.  Which is correct?

I have the same problem. Windows says eM mail is the default but eM mail itself says it is not the default! Restart etc. all done.

I had the same problem.  Here is how I solved it.  Control Panel / Default Programs / Set default programs /    At the left side, select eMail.  Clic Set as default.  THEN Chose Defaults for this program / Select ALL /save ()Bottom right .  Voila!!

Thanks, but it does not work for me.  Tried it multiple times.  It will still not show as the default email in eM Client.  The message says “To change your default apps go to Settings>System>Default apps”.  Since Windows 10 shows eM Client as the “Default” email, does it even matter what it says within the eM Client program?

Probably not. Try to mail from an app likr Gmail. O have encountered instances where some apps only recognize msofthe apps

If you are using 7.0x, eM Client does not indicate it is the default, but it is. 7.1 fixes this.

Just ignore what  emClient says. Set the defaults in Windows settings & it will be OK. I think its just a glitch. Haven’t seen 7.1 but I guess its on the way.

Thanks to all who replied.  I will ignore the “glitch”.  It causes no problems when I send and receive.  I just wanted to check because all this is new ground for me.

Ok, but I am on 7.0 and it says I am fully up-to-date, where is 7.1?

It is available as a beta only.  If you want to try it go to