Cannot send message space shortage

i get a new error message saying:

SMTP Cannot send message ( from field aaaaaaaa@ not accepted due to the followiung reason: Space Shortage, please try later

anyone can help? why is this happenning today after 3-4 years of using em client?

hotmails work ok…just not my .com
help please

Space Shortage, please try later

mmm that is an unusual error.

I would first check that you have enough eg: “local hard-disk space” as could be something to do with that and possibly not enough local storage to send. Stranger things have happened.

If that’s ok as your Hotmail account is sending ok, then it could be you have a actual eg: SMTP server (storage) problem with your .com domain and there is possibly not enough SMTP space to send at your ISP end and eM Client is then giving you the Space Shortage problem.

So check with your .com domain technical support that they don’t have any current SMTP sending issues atm, and that you also don’t have any current “Disk quota” low space issues with your domain control panel.

Failing that if no SMTP storage or Disk quota issues with your .com domain space, if your .com domain email address is a eg: IMAP, Exchange, or iCloud account could be just a local account problem in eM Client that has for some reason given you that unusual error and you might just need your .com account removing and re-adding back in.

To do that first backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when it’s backed up via clicking “Menu / Operations”. Once backed up click “Menu / Accounts” and highlight your .com account and remove and re-add as new again.