cannot send mail

suddenly, I receive an error stating "Cannot send message (Email recipient not accepted by the server.)  I did nothing to change my settings prior to this.  Please help.

Hi Dean, what mail service are you using in eM client and what version of eM client are you currently using?
Also can you please make a screenshot of the message you were trying to send out?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

emClient 6.0.21040.0
Godaddy provides my email domain
I used the POP3 server from godaddy:, port 110, use SSL/TLS if available, Authentication

and I had been using the SMTP server as provided by my ISP (Optimum Online):, port 25, use SSL/TLS if available, no Authentication

Suddenly, yesterday morning, I could not send email, and I was getting the following items in the error log:

8:40:32 AM [SMTP]  Connecting: To
8:40:33 AM [SMTP]  Connected: To
8:40:33 AM [SMTP]  Sending messages
8:40:33 AM [SMTP]  Sending messages: Recipient address ‘’ not accepted with reason:
8:40:33 AM     "5.7.1  Unable to accept email from your location (IP ) at this time. Please try again later. error code 81. @
8:40:33 AM "
8:40:33 AM MailExceptions.ItemOperationException: Cannot send message (Email recipient not accepted by the server.)
8:40:33 AM [SMTP] Disconnected: From
8:40:33 AM [SMTP] Disconnected: Done
8:40:33 AM [POP3] Connecting: To
8:40:33 AM [POP3] Connected: To
8:40:34 AM [POP3] Downloading messages: From
8:40:34 AM [POP3] Disconnected: From
8:40:34 AM [POP3] Disconnected: Done

Optimum Online tech support said it is not their problem and that I should speak with my email domain provider. I didn’t think that made sense since it was their SMTP server, but there was no help from them. Godaddy said that they were having some mail problems and that could be my problem. I still didn’t buy it. Godaddy’s web based email page provides access to a java applet that tests for blocked ports, and all the usual ports were open. 5hrs later, I decided to try Godaddy’s SMTP server (, 80, auth) because why not. That worked. But it is still a mystery why the original server failed. Any ideas?

PS: it didn’t matter to whom I was trying to send email to…it failed on them all


Hi Dean, I’m afraid I’ll be another person who will claim this is not our fault, however based on the error message this seems to be a local issue either with your network provider or with mail service provider, either way should not be an issue of the application, as the message was sent out using the application, however it has not been accepted by the server somewhere.

If I understand this correctly your setup is now working as expected after some account setting changes, hopefully it will remain this way.
GoDaddy is currently having some issues while receiving messages, hope everything is ok on your end.