cannot send emails via

Set up user email correctly with Exchange for account making email address and user name the same in the setup. Everything worked correctly for a couple of days . NOW no emails can be sent. I have uninstalled emclient and re-installed the latest download version, no change. I removed the account settings and re-entered and account at first would not set up, I verified the new Microsoft account ( and then set up completed correctly. Maybe it takes a while for verification to take effect. The same error message is being received

. See log and error message. User is stuck!!! HELP

Hello davmax,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. This is unfortunately a server issue (“An internal server error occurred”), please contact the server support to receive instructions on resolving the issue.


Thanks Maurice. Unfortunately it is not state which server. ISP or Therefore not sure who to contact. However I have just checked user computer and problem has gone. So I suspect it was all related to verification of the account and there is a delay in the completion filtering through to the server.

I have now experienced this problem a number of times on other user computers that I support when there is an server.
Each time I have found that the server is locked/blocked because the account had not been verified or unusual activity was detected.

The best check is to go online with a browser and log in to your email account. If the account is blocked you will be informed, follow the instructions to be allowed access to the account. This usually is a process to confirm your identity by responding with a code sent by mobile phone, phone or an alternate email address.