Cannot send email on as it keeps telling me they are too big, how to fix this problem

Can’t forward messages as they keep telling me they are too big. How do I fix this problem.

lunes 31 enero 2022 :: 0821hrs (UTC +01:00)

Obviously make them smaller.
How big are they and do they have attachments?
As far as I know it is NOT an eMC issue, your mail provider will have size limits.

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It is poor manners as well as refused by some mailers to send large attachments. A free option for secure free email attachments is send[dot]tresorit[dot]com. For free it will allow you up to a 5 GB of file and provide a secure link for the download.

We also provide cloud attachments directly from within eM Client. That means if you add an attachment to a message, the attachment will be uploaded to the cloud and just a link will be in the message. The size is only limited by what your cloud storage allows and is totally free.

See our Blog entry on this.

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