Cannot send an email to a distribution list of 85 contacts

every month or so I have to send out an email (text only and very short) to 85 people in my contact list. I create a distribution list of them and put it in the BCC field. I address the email to myself and hit send.
It sits in my outbox and every time it tries to send, I get an error message with the eM client logo on it and the words “operations”. the error message says, “unable to send. either the server is busy or there is a problem with your settings.”

there is never a problem with my settings.

I contact Comcast because it is their server I have my email account with. they do not throttle my account because I have so many addresses. Nor does the email have any video or attachments. they cannot help. they just say, “third party software problem.”

is there any limit in eM client that limits the number of addresses I can send in one email?

i have had this problem for years. sometimes I create two different lists of forty names and send out two different emails.

i am running latest version of windows 10 on an old laptop. and 8.2.1237 version of eM client.

any thoughts?



There are no limits set by eM Client. That is set by the email provider either on the number of recipients per messages (I think Comcast is 100), the number of messages per hour/day, or the size.

Without seeing the error, it is difficult to say what the cause is, but it doesn’t sound like a limit kind of error.

Sending issues can be caused by your anti-virus/firewall or VPN application, so completely disabling those and then trying again may give a different result.

But that seems unlikely the cause if you can normally send, but it only fails with this particular email. Give it a try anyway and see.