Cannot Select Multiple E-mails

I just set up a new computer and downloaded eM Client. And while I know I’m not the first person to ask this, I cannot seem to select multiple e-mails to be moved or deleted, and possibly other actions. How will I be able to do this, and will this feature be present in the current version and/or future versions of this application?

martes 14 septiembre 2021 :: 0851hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @CTWarmbrodt

It’s already there.

To select ALL
1./ With mouse select any displayed email then on keyboard select Ctrl & A together
To select MULTIPLE individually
2./ With mouse select any displayed email then on keyboard press & hold Ctrl and continue to select individual emails.

Ctrl & A: Select All
Ctrl & C: Copy all selected
Ctrl & P: Paste selected and copied emails to new location
Ctrl & X: Cut
Ctrl & Y: Cancel previous action

If you want more explanation do a Google or Bing search for Ctrl functions

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eM Client also provides a function for you to do this one-handed by just clicking your mouse.

See the Select option?

If you click on it, you will get a check box next to each message. You can then click on those you want to select by ticking their boxes.

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BTW my screenshots are from the default Compact View.

If you are using the single line layout, you will need to right-click in the column header and chose Enter Select Mode.