Cannot save new emails

When I open a new email, it appears as a medium-sized window in the top centre of the screen, with no options to go full screen or close. Also I cannot save the message as a draft; the only option is to click on send, and then move it from the send outbox to the draft folder. I have tried restarting eM Client, but the problem persists.

martes 28 septiembre 2021 :: 2217hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @martlets

I have to guess what you can see so what you do is place your mouse pointer as near to the top of the new email window as possible then Left Click & Hold and drag the email window to the center of your screen or wherever is convenient for you.
If I have guessed correct you will be able to see all of the window - minimize, maximize & close in the top right hand corner.
eMC will remember the position and size you choose when next opened.

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Thanks for the quick reply. That has fixed the positioning! But I still cannot save the new message as a draft. When I click on “Send later” it says this feature is not available for free license use. But I’m sure I used to be able to save drafts.

OK I found what I need to do. Click on Menu and then file then save.