Cannot retrieve free license from eM Client Website

I recently (as of 29 May 2011) downloaded eM Client, and I’m quite impressed with it. I registered for a free license, but unfortunately never received it.

I started by going to and filling out the form. After clicking the giant green button, it simply redirected me to the exact same form without any notices or warnings or anything like that. I thought, “huh, weird”, so filled it out again. At that point, I was presented with an error message claiming that license issuing failed because there’s already a free license on file for my e-mail address.

Browsing Get Satisfaction’s “forums” here, I saw somebody link to… for recovering licenses, so I went there and entered my e-mail address. The system tells me that my e-mail address was not found.

Furthermore, I tried the License Manager Silverlight application at, but I have no idea what my group name, username or password is or should be (since I never “registered” such information).

I’ve NOT received an e-mail from eM Client, Inc. at all (I have of course checked spam folders). It’s been ~30 minutes since I registered (and did so at non-peak US hours), so I’m thinking that this may be more of a bug than a traffic/load issue.

I’m hoping that eM Client representatives can see this message and will respond, but if not, does anyone have an e-mail address that I can e-mail for free support?

Thank you. eM Client looks like EXACTLY what I need for a Windows Google Mail/Calendar/Contacts client, and I’m really liking the software. I just need to get this licensing issue ironed out :slight_smile:

we are sorry for inconvenience. It was caused by technical drop out of our licensing server. It should work now, you can try it.


Hi Gabriel, and thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately, I’m still encountering the same issues as before. Filling out the “lost license” form tells me my e-mail address wasn’t found, and filling out the request for a new license tells me that a license already exists.

Any chance I could have you take another look at it? Feel free to simply delete any license in the system under my e-mail address if that helps fix things. Since I don’t have one yet (and therefore haven’t entered it into the client), there won’t be any conflict :slight_smile:

What is your problematic email address, please?

I’m a bit hesitant to share it in a public forum such as this. I’ve specifically set the “allow eM Client, Inc. to see my e-mail address” option, so maybe you could see it from there? It’s the same address as I’m using to post here :slight_smile:

Clarification: I’ve set the aforementioned option within the Get Satisfaction web application/system. In other words, it would appear that you can probably see that “privately” through the Get Satisfaction system.

Please, send the address to .

Done! Thanks Gabriel :slight_smile: