Cannot restore to new system from backup

I just setup my new system and tried to restore from a backup without luck here is the information supplied

System.IO.IOException: Access to the path ‘E:\eM Client’ is denied.
at System.IO.FileSystem.MoveDirectory(String sourceFullPath, String destFullPath)
at System.IO.Directory.Move(String sourceDirName, String destDirName)
at MailClient.DbBackup.FormBackup.Restore(String backupFile, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
at MailClient.DbBackup.FormBackup.Restore(CancellationToken cancellationToken)
at MailClient.DbBackup.FormBackup.<>c__DisplayClass28_0.<MainForm_Load>b__0(Object a, DoWorkEventArgs b)
at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.OnDoWork(DoWorkEventArgs e)
at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.WorkerThreadStart(Object argument)

Thanks for your help in the matter

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You may have a copyright / permission problem copying / restoring from your E:\ drive.

If you have Windows copy your eM backup .zip file to the local eg: C:\Users\Yourname\Documents\EM Client folder and then try restoring from there via “Menu / File / Restore”.

Note:- Make sure also that your have the correct version of eM Client installed that you backed up with or your restore normally won’t work. You can get all the versions for Windows & Mac from

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I made the file just before I setup the new system.
What happens If I manually copy the flies to the directories will that brake anything,
It would just be nice to have the old emails and the directory structure.
Ok I did a full 7z on the eM Client folder before trying a manually copy but that does not work.
\At least manually 7z back to what was there worked.

The best option is to use Restore as @cyberzork suggested.

But you can manually copy the C:\Users\yourname\Documents\EM Client\ folder from one computer to the other. eM Client needs to be closed on both computers for you to do that. You can also manually extract the zip file to the C:\Users\yourname\Documents\EM Client\ folder.

Whichever manual option you use, make sure that you are extracting or copying the contents to the location specified in Menu > Settings > General > Storage. If eM Client is looking for the database at a different location to where you saved it, it is not going to work.

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